I am sick of being “not okay.”

I keep seeing all these images and quotes and posts that say things like: “it’s okay to not be okay” or variations on William Sloane Coffin’s quote “I am not okay, you are not okay, and that is okay.” And you know, that is a very important sentiment that has its place in the discussion of depression and other mental health issues. Sometimes we really do need the reassurance that we are allowed to own our problems, our discontent. Sometimes we really do need someone to simply acknowledge that we are okay, and accept that.

Photo/edit mine.
Photo/edit mine.

BUT. That only goes so far. Sometimes that is just not enough.

So many of these statements are about accepting the bad days with the good, about acknowledging that some days you can have ambitions and do big things and other days it takes everything in you just to survive. And that’s okay. But what about when it’s not just “sometimes,” when it’s not about “bad days and good days?” What if it’s every single fucking day of your life?

I am not okay. I have been “not okay” for a very very long time. And that is not okay. I am sick and fucking tired of being “not okay.” I don’t need platitudes. I need something that will HELP ME. I need to find something to make me better. Make me feel better. Make me function better. Make me be better.

And the fact that such a thing apparently does not exist is NOT OKAY.

Photo mine.
Photo/edit mine.

Silent Sister


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