Collected Lists: Reasons

Reasons to get up in the morning:

  • the cats need to be fed
  • because my mother won’t stop yelling until I do
  • maybe there’s a tennis match on?
  • so I can crawl back under the sheets in an hour or two

Things I Love:

  • my cats
  • Bookstores and a new paycheck
  • the smell of really good barbecue
  • the sounds of rain and thunder
  • walking through an art museum by myself
  • sleep
  • my two best friends
  • all the music
  • the deep vibrating thrum of the bass line when you stand near the speakers at a concert

Reasons to convince myself to keep going:

  • publishing a book
  • finishing my god-forsaken PhD
  • falling in love with the right person
  • being the cool aunt to my friends’ kids
  • traveling to other countries
  • Abarat Book 4

Things that are probably never going to happen:

  • see previous list

Silent Sister


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