Death Wish

Joshua Earle, CC0
Joshua Earle, CC0

Death Wish

angry screaming over pounding bass
guitars screeching through a million notes
that is how your life has always been
riding whining motorcycles
hair catching the wind in a golden net
fierce eyes gleaming silver in the sun
as you grin, playing chicken with Death
cling to your smiling nonchalance
wield your flashing knives and razor tongue
and wonder why you never cry
but don’t tell a soul that you’re bleeding
search for answers in half-smoked cigarettes
and empty bottles of tequila
and as the jello shots and cigarettes
fade from your blood, and your sleek, fast bikes
weigh down your wings more than they set you free
you yearn more than ever to feel
the earth fall away beneath you
smile then, for the taste of Death is sweet
a high cliff on the blue horizon
is attractive to a troubled soul
go ahead and jump… I’ll bet you can fly

Alex Wong, CC0
Alex Wong, CC0

Silent Sister


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