Back from my short hiatus

To say the last couple weeks have been hell is an insult to any definition of hell. BUT it seems that things are finally starting to calm down a little, and I feel like I can sort-of half-way breathe for the moment, so I thought it was time to jump back into this blog before I let it languish and die like my last one.

The short version of the last few weeks: frantic house search; even more frantic move with little-to-no help, leaving me to do a large amount of heavy lifting; a series of blood tests that the doctor says came out clean except for a “ridiculously low” level of vitamin D. So he’s chalking up all my aches and pains and issues to the increased depression, as a feared, and I’m modifying my depression meds. I’ve been on them for six days, and though I’m not certain, I do think there might be slight improvement. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I am woefully behind on grading, still painfully behind on my dissertation prospectus, and masochistically planning to propose papers to three conferences in the next month and a half. Oh! And the house we moved to looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since it was built (in the 80s) and my mother and I have been scrubbing every inch of the place. It’s going to be weeks before this place feels clean.

I really REALLY need October to be a good, productive month for me. I need some focus and some luck. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Silent Sister


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