Proof My Life is a Farce

I moved into a new house two weeks ago. Because of my mother’s and my financial issues, we had to downsize. It’s a smaller place, a much older place, and it’s a bit ramshackle. Faulty plumbing, peeling-away carpet, cracking baseboards, really old windows that either don’t open, or don’t close again once you get them open. Etc. Etc. Etc.

On tuesday morning, the A/C stopped working. I live in Texas. While it is mid-October, and cool in some places, it was 94 degrees here on Tuesday. So I was understandably concerned about the lack of A/C, not just for myself but for all the animals that live with us. I called the landlord, who didn’t respond or call a repairman until Wednesday morning. But the repairman was booked until Thursday, thus it was thursday before someone came out to fix the A/C.

For more than FOUR HOURS three repairmen banged, and muttered, heavy-sighed, trying to fix the bloody thing. The furnace was very old, they said. The wiring was all messed up, they said. The condenser outside had actually been BURNING and tripped the breakers, they said. After more than four hours, they finally declared the A/C and furnace fixed and left. And lo and behold, there was cool air again! Hooray!

THEN, in the middle of the night, my mother and I realized that the A/C would now NOT STOP RUNNING. It was running, and running, and running, without end. And the temperature was dropping rapidly. 76, 72, 65. By this morning it was 60 degrees inside the house, and 70 outside. I was FREEZING, bundled up in several bathrobes and blankets, and PISSED.

As soon as it was a semi-reasonable hour, I called the repairman again. He says it sounds like something got mis-wired somewhere. He would be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, I could turn off the whole system at the breaker to keep from freezing today.

So now, I’m waiting for the room to warm up at least a tad since I turned off the breaker. And I’m waiting for the repairman. And I’m so ready to give up on this house. Not that I have much choice, of course. There were only so many places we could afford.

But seriously. I cannot catch a break. It’s been one thing after another all year. It’s become SO ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS to the point of being downright farcical.



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