Lethargic or Jittery, there is no in-between

I tend to be either bone-tired and lethargic, or twitchy and jittery. Sometimes both at the same time. But lately, I’ve been really extra twitchy and jittery, and I can’t decide if it’s a side effect of “feeling better” (ie, not suicidally-depressed), or if it’s a side effect of my Abilify.

I’ve been on Abilify for about a month now, slowly inching the dosage up each week, and over the last week and a half or so I’ve been REALLY jittery. But I often am ANYWAY, so it’s very hard to tell if its the Abilify or not.

Why is finding a balance in my life so DAMN hard?


I’ve been doing some reading on the internet (not always the best source of information, but still), and it appears that akathesia (serious jitteriness/twitchiness) is a common side effect of the Abilify. So that answers that question. The next question is can I handle it or do I need to switch to something else. Because man, I cannot stop shaking my legs, or pacing, and my fingers are all twitchy, and just UGH. This is so frustrating, because it really is helping my mood a lot, but the twitchiness is getting pretty bad. Double UGH.

Why is nothing easy?


Silent Sister

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