Goals to Get Me Through the End of the Year

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At the beginning of October, I made a list of goals for the month. This list was:

  1. catch up on the pile of grading that accumulated while I was stressed with finances and moving
  2. write final draft of my dissertation prospectus
  3. write a presentation proposal for the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts 2016 (just completed an hour ago)
  4. write a presentation proposal for the Russian Utopia Conference to be held in Paris in Sept 2016 (please god let me get accepted to this one!)
  5. write a presentation proposal for the Philip K. Dick Conference in Fullerton in Spring 2016
  6. start meditating again
  7. lose five pounds
  8. read at least ONE book (just ONE damn it!) that is not dissertation-related

I didn’t totally succeed, but I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made. I caught up with the pile grading that had been haunting me. I completed all three of the presentation proposals I had planned on – finishing them well in advance of their due dates. And I am ALMOST done with the revisions for the my dissertation prospectus. I hope to have that done by the end of the week, just in time for the end of the month.

I didn’t read an entire (non-diss-related) book, but I did start and get about halfway through Fear: Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm by Thich Nhat Hahn, and I’ve been reading through Richard Siken’s poetry collection Crush. I have not started meditating again. I really need to get on that. But I did lose some weight. I’m not sure exactly how much because my scale broke (not because of my weight, I swear!); but my pants fit better so I think I lost at least 3 lbs, maybe more.  All in all, not a bad month.

So, I’m making a plan for the rest of the year now. 2015 has sucked ass, but I want to make sure I wrap it up as productively as possible. Some things I have to do for work, like keep up with grading through to the end of the semester, and defend my prospectus in the first week of December, but the rest is just for me.

So here’s my to-do list for November and December:

  1. keep up with grading
  2. defend my dissertation prospectus in the first week of December
  3. finish reading Fear
  4. read one other non-dissertation-related book
  5. post on the blog at least 5 times a week
  6. finish Christmas shopping well before the week of Christmas (unlike usual)
  7. submit an application to the Museum of Fine Arts internship program
  8. clean/organize my room
  9. revise my short story “Gone” to submit for possible publication *fingers crossed*
  10. find a research grant to apply to
  11. meditate

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