“Parallel Universe” by Adam Martinakis, from Zealous Art Collective

My Girl,
you’ve suffered long enough.
You’ve touched your fingers
to the eagle moon and cried;
you’ve indicted me with your shot-gun eyes;
you’ve shattered all the light bulbs
they held tightly in their teeth;
you’ve built your monuments to your
terror and your grief;
it’s time to stop retreating
into the soap bubble sky.

My Girl,
you’ve teased me long enough.
The woman inside me, built
of bronze and anger and broken car parts,
is mounted up – arrayed in full armor,
ready to tilt.
I am sick of carrying marbles in my face
like some kind of stoic’s prize,
while you whisper your coward’s lies.
My prison-sentence is ending,
I’m done paying for this senseless guilt.

“Parallel Universe” by Adam Martinakis from Zealous Art Collective

My Girl,
we’ve waited long enough.
Turn the hellfire tv to static,
and shut off all those voices screaming sin;
let me see the electricity behind your eyes
muted now but never dead;
let me touch the watercolor cells of your skin
and do not singe my sanyasini
fingers with your fire; just let me see
the neon lights that illuminate the fragile
scaffolding of your heart.

Silent Sister


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