To My Lady

"Woman in Hanbok" by Alex
“Woman in Hanbok” by Alex

To My Lady,

In the pages of the lavender sky
your silver feather eyes do not shine
quite so bright
as they did in that darkness
where you filled your vessel –

with the wisdom of the blood,
and of the kitchens,
of the anvil and the hammer,
and the whispering plains;
with the overwhelming noises
of the sky and of the skin;
with the dizzying fragrance
of the fiery sunset;
with the words and the prayers
and the numbers and the names –

and, standing in the doorway with the
daylight on your back and
oblivion in your eyes: standing

between the giving & the pain,
between the birthmark & the rain,
between the broken & the sane,

you snapped free of your bindings
(the words for stars,
the prayers of mountains,
the numbers of faith,
the names for love)
and shattered your candlelit bones upon
the solid knees of Gods.

Silent Sister

(Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s “Ash Wednesday” and “The Hollow Men”)


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