Making 2016 Mine

new year 2016
by Stux, from Pixabay, CC0

Resolutions. You either love them or loathe them. Generally, I avoid them because all they seem to accomplish is making me feel guilty. That being said, I am making some plans and goals for 2016. I want to OWN 2016. I want to make it my bitch.

Bluntly: 2015 sucked ass. It was one of the worst years of my life. There were a couple highlights: a conference I love in March, FINALLY defending prospectus at the beginning of December, but on the whole it was absolutely horrifyingly terrible. My mother lost her job. I had a wholly unproductive guilt-ridden jobless spring semester. I spent three months genuinely suicidal. I had a sudden, difficult, painful move. And have been and currently still am living on a very tight budget, paycheck to paycheck, always worrying about how I was going pay the rent or buy food. My oldest, dearest, cat died. My paternal grandfather died. I made some serious mistakes. I was rejected by someone I really care about.  All in all, it’s been a SHIT year.

So, I am absolutely determined that somehow SOMEHOW I will make 2016 MINE. Mine, I tell you, MINE! *cue evil laugh*

I don’t want to call these my resolutions, exactly. “Plans” seems more accurate. And I’m trying not to make vague resolutions like “I resolve to be kinder” or whatever, but to focus only or mostly on concrete actionable plans. One thing that helps: I go into Jan 1st already a little better off for a couple reasons:

  1. An article I wrote has been accepted for publication in an academic journal (I’m being vague to keep my half-assed anonymity).
  2. I have applied for two jobs, and if I get either or both I will be much better off for the Spring and/or Summer.
  3. Having defended my prospectus on Dec 9th, I am now in a much better position to work on and finish in dissertation in a timely manner (meaning 1 or 1 and a half years).

So, here’s my list of plans:

  1. meditate 15-20 minutes daily
  2. try yoga or some other simple/basic exercise at least a couple days a week
  3. blog regularly (whether that is here or on my old blog)
  4. listen to 1 audiobook per month
  5. set up a reasonable writing schedule
  6. try to meet with a writer’s group semi-regularly
  7. apply for full-time teaching position
  8. apply for MFAH summer internship
  9. apply for research grant (either the American Association of Academic Women or another one I qualify for)
  10. revise my short story “Gone” and submit it to Conjunctions by end of February
  11. revise one paper for submission to an academic journal
  12. write a short screenplay for my brother to film
  13. go to ICFA conference in Orlando in March (definite)
  14. go to PKD conference in Fullerton in April (tentative)
  15. go to Virginia to visit family in May or June
  16. go to WorldCon in Kansas City in August (definite)
  17. go to Russian Utopia Conference in Paris in September (awaiting acceptance *fingers crossed*)
  18. complete 3 chapters of dissertation by end of the year

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