Yet Another New Wrinkle

I had recently been thinking about the two best things that I’ve done for myself in the last few months. The first was getting onto Abilify, which has been a shockingly big improvement on my daily life. The second was, of all things, getting an Audible subscription and starting to listen to audiobooks (a lot).

So, of course, only a few days after thinking about this, I discover that my new health insurance won’t cover my Abilify prescription.

Here’s the deal: at the end of the year, my current health insurance was discontinued, that plan was no longer being offered. So I was forced to pick new insurance with United Healthcare, but due to a limited number of options available in my state, and my limited budget, I apparently didn’t pick the best insurance plan, because it won’t pay for either the brand or generic version of Abilify.

My doctor is fighting with the insurance to get pre-authorization for the Abilify, which isn’t going well. I’m also in contact with Otsuka America, which is the company that makes Abilify, in hopes of getting patient assistance. But in the meantime, my doctor is looking into other Rx options, something with similar effects. I’m worried about switching medications yet again, especially when this is the first one that has ever worked so well, but I guess we’ll see.

Apparently, I just can’t win.

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